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An Intermediate Arts and Crafts Project

Card Size(L): 5.1 x 8.3 inches
Level: Intermediate

Who else is excited that autumn is coming? Crisp air, autumn leaves, cozy fire… But fall wouldn’t be complete without chunky orange pumpkins! To express a sense of depth and ready-to-harvest plumpness, overlap one edge of the section over another.

Kit includes :

  • Washi & Chalk Paper
  • Card & Envelope & Pattern
  • Finished Example
  • Online Instructions

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    Collections: CHIGIRI-E PRODUCTS

    Level: Intermediate



    This set of starter tools that you can use to begin making your own Japanese creations includes: Glue / Brush / Water Brush Pen / Teaspoon / Saucer / Stylus / Paperclips / Tweezers


    *Included in the Chigiri-e Course package


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    Level: Beginners

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