Etegami Course

Beautiful, Traditional Japanese Watercolor Paintings

Don’t know anything about Etegami? No worries! You don’t even need drawing talent or experience. We have made sure to develop an online curriculum that is easy to understand and follow. From how to hold a paintbrush to using ink and gainsai paints, our course will hold your hand through it all so that even beginners can challenge themselves in a light-hearted environment while having fun. We will even deliver all the tools and materials you need right to your door! Nothing else is required, and you can start the day you receive our package. The more you draw, the more fun it gets! Spread the fun and happiness of Etegami by taking our course today!

About the Etegami Course

Course Content

  • Guide Book
  • Leaning Center Introduction
  • Finished Example
  • 6 Patterns (Tracing Paper)
  • Chalk Paper
  • Washi
  • Art Board or Card
  • Cardboard to be used as underlayment

Unlimited access to online video instruction. Online messaging with our Sensei (master) Chigiri-e crafter for tips. Three assignments are included in this course so that you can receive advice from the instructor to brush up your technique.