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Course contents

  • Guide Book
  • Leaning Center Introduction
  • Finished Example
  • 6 Patterns (Tracing Paper)
  • Chalk Paper
  • Washi
  • Art Board or Card
  • Cardboard to be used as underlayment
Chigiri-e Course Materials
Anytime, anywhere online video instruction.
Access to online message with our Sensei (master) Chigiri-e crafter for tips.
Three assignments are included in this course so that you can receive advice from the instructor to brush up your technique.


  • Glue
  • Saucer
  • Brush
  • Teaspoon
  • Tweezers
  • Water brush pen
  • Stylus
  • Paperclips
Chigiri-e Starter Tool Content
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You will learn all the basics you need to Chigiri-e including how to use the tools.

Chigiri-e Flower Bloom

These large flowers bloom from spring through summer. Characterized by the way they seem to reach for the sky, the glorious blooms of the magnolia tree portray an elegant profile. The beautiful shades of magenta in the Washi captures the swell of the petals well.

Chigiri-e Yuzu

The yuzu looks somewhat like a small grapefruit, and is very aromatic. It is frequently used in Japanese cuisine for its tart flavor and aromatic zest. The soft yellow of the Washi truly makes this piece a mouth-watering one; you can almost taste it!

Chigiri-e Gouldian Finches

Gouldian finches are thought to have originated from Australia. Its face is a red color, while its back is green, its breast portion purple, and its stomach a vibrant yellow. It is a beautiful bird that is part of the waxbill family, and is a popular choice as pets. Create this fun and colorful artwork that depicts two of these cute birds twittering to each other.

This flower draws its name from the Greek word margarites, which means “pearl”. The color of the trim white marguerite bears out the accuracy of that etymology. The white petals stand out vividly against the dark blue background.

The goldfish is a freshwater fish that was one of the earliest fish to be domesticated. It is also one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish. Goldfish of various colors and sizes can be seen in many Japanese households. This red-orange beauty is enjoying its day in a glass bowl. The textures of the Washi helps to recreate the movement of water passing through the tender moss.

Bonsai, or ‘tray planting’ is a Japanese art form using trees grown in containers. It provides a pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity for the grower. The bonsai is created using a seedling or a cutting of a species of tree that is suitable for growth as a bonsai. It is still a popular hobby by many Japanese. Try growing your own bonsai! This bonsai made of Washi can be just as beautiful as the real thing; the lively greens and the earthy brown of the stem provide an exquisite contrast.

You can try more practical and challenging techniques of Chigiri-e Arrangements!

Assignments: The motifs with "*" are the ones you will need to submit to the instructor. Please take a picture of your completed work and upload the image via Leaning Center. Please be advised that you will need to upload your picture from a PC/Laptop (you will not be able to upload from a mobile device at this time).

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One kit, awesome possibilities. Our Chigiri-e kit includes everything you need to learn the craft of Chigiri-e, and collage beautifully-textured Washi papers like a pro. A guide book as well as online videos walk you through the creative process of assembling each masterpiece of your own. Magnolia, Yuzu, Gouldian finches, Marguerite, Goldfish and Bonsai design kits are all included to make learning fast and fun and allow you to explore multiple techniques across a variety of projects. And at the end of each design kit, you’ll have your own masterpiece ready to display or to gift.

*The Starter Tools kit is included in this course.

* shipping charge is included.


Level: Course



This set of starter tools that you can use to begin making your own Japanese creations includes: Glue / Brush / Water Brush Pen / Teaspoon / Saucer / Stylus / Paperclips / Tweezers


*Included in the Chigiri-e Course package


Collections: Chigiri-e, Tools

Level: Beginners

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