Chirimen Course

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There are 5 motifs waiting to be created by you in this course: a makeup bag, a pin cushion, a coin purse, a dove pouch, and a stuffed bear doll. Once you purchase the course, everything you need to create the motifs, including but not limited to Chirimen crêpe fabric, sewing needles, thread, and a patchwork board, will be sent to your mailing address. You will be able to start creating as soon as you receive our package! You will also have help online in the form of our detailed How-To Videos. These videos are designed to walk you through how to trace the pattern, cut the fabric, sew it, and apply finishing touches with, of course, all the other steps in between… for each and every motif! There’s no room for confusion or anxiety; our courses only have room for fun!

About the Chirimen Course

Course Content

  • Guide Book
  • Leaning Center Introduction
  • Materials & Tools(Chirimen crêpe fabric, Lining fabric, Sewing thread, Fiberfill stuffing, Fusible interfacing, Braided cord, Purse frame, Paper twist, Zipper, Beads, Plastic case, Tweezers, Cardboard, Pencils)
  • 5 Patterns

Anytime, anywhere online video instruction. Access to online message with our Sensei (master) Chirimen crafter for tips.

Tools Included

  • Gold Eye Appliqué Needles (No. 9)
  • Patchwork Board
  • Silk Pins Boxed (100 ea.)
  • Patchwork Scissors Mini (4 1/2")
  • Bodkin
  • Clover Bond For Handicraft