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Three traditional Japanese crafts. One authentic source.

I think Etegami is cute and fun. I like how the characteristic look of Etegami is very heartfelt without being too serious. The constructive feedback from the instructor was great. It helped me grow so much.


As the leading authentic Japanese arts and crafts educator, Japanese Creations is thrilled to introduce and share our heritage and culture with the world.

About Japanese Creations

Japanese Creations is an online Japanese arts and crafts educator offering a variety of unique Japanese crafts and courses. To assure authenticity, all our materials used in our kits and courses are hand-selected in Japan. We're thrilled to introduce these treasured crafts from our heritage to new talent and share our culture globally. Together with U-CAN, a global, lifelong learning educator for over 60 years, we're proud to be an inspiration for your next stop into the world of arts and crafts.

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