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Painting with Paper

“Chigiri” means to tear and “e” means picture. Chigiri-e is a centuries-old Japanese paper craft created with hand-dyed Washi paper. The unique fibrous texture of washi paper allows you to create beautiful artwork that almost looks like painting.


Increased time at home? Take on a crafty new hobby that can give you a creative, refreshing outlet! The Chigiri-e Course is an all-inclusive package where you can learn the beautiful craft at your own pace while staying home. It has everything a beginner would need, including 30 Washi papers, design templates, starch glue, stylus pen, and online video instructions. We have received many reviews from our customers for being beginner friendly and having high-quality materials!

Three of the motifs are assignments where you get interactive, one-on-one visual feedback from our instructor. Before you know it, you would become a Chigiri-e master, displaying your creations in your home and giving the homemade gifts to your loved ones. The possibilities are endless.

People say Chigiri-e is relaxing and therapeutic, and for a good reason! Many studies show that crafting activity with fine motor skills reduces stress, as the one-pointedness of mind elicits your brain to rest while you focus on the task at hand.

  • People of all ages
  • Anyone looking for a new craft challenge
  • Beginners who want a complete step-by-step guide
  • Beginners who want feedback from a Chigiri-e instructor
  • For those who want to learn at their own pace in an online environment
  • Crafters who want less mess
  • Anyone who want more artwork around their home or gift it to a loved one
  • Anyone looking for new opportunities to craft with your child or grandchild

Why get the chigiri-e course?

Reason 1

Everything is included

From all the necessary tools and materials, to step-by-step video guides. This course includes everything you need to learn the craft of Chigiri-e,

Reason 2

Learn from the Master of Washi

Have a question along the way? Get advice from the Chigiri-e Instructor via online messaging. You’ll also receive detailed feedback on your assignments.

Learn from the Master of Washi

With a father who extensively collected Japanese Folk Art and a childhood surrounded by crafting tools and materials, Toshiko’s love for Chigiri-e was bound to happen. Captivated by the beauty of washi, Toshiko started creating all kinds of art with washi including paper sculptures.

"I look forward to meeting you! Through each assignment, I will give you personalized suggestions using texts and graphics on how to improve you Chigiri-e skills. Creating Chigiri-e is very soothing, and it provides you a sense of accomplishment every time you finish a piece".         - Toshiko Kamiyama

Reason 3

6 projects, 6 times the fun!

From beginner to advanced, get ready to explore 6 different Chigiri-e projects. As you move along each one, you’ll learn new techniques and see yourself improve.


You only need 3 steps to create beautiful Chigiri-e art. Even as a beginner, this craft can be easily learned, yet the intricacy will keep you challenged.

Want to know other qualities of

No mess!

Enjoy it from the comfort of your home!

Go at your own pace!

The 6 Motifs

You can create 6 Chigiri-e motifs in our course. There are video tutorials on all of these motifs. Don't worry, if you have questions after watching the videos, you can ask personal Chigiri-e questions to your instructor! Create these beautiful motifs and fill you home with them, or gift them with a personalized message.


Characterized by the way they seem to reach for the sky, the glorious blooms of the magnolia tree portray an elegant profile. The beautiful shades of magenta in the Washi captures the swell of the petals well.


Yuzu is frequently used in Japanese cuisine for its tart flavor and aromatic zest. The soft yellow of the Washi truly makes this piece a mouth-watering one.

Gouldian Finches

The beautiful, colorful birds are part of the waxbill family, and is a popular choice as pets. Its face is a red color, white its back is green its breast portion purple, and its stomach a vibrant yellow.


This flower draws its name from the Greek word margarites, which means "pearls." The white petals stand out vividly against the dark blue background.


The red-orange beauty is enjoying its day in a glass bowl. The texture of the Washi helps to recreate the movement of water passing through the tender moss.


Bonsai is a Japanese art form using trees grown in containers. It provides a pleasant excercise of effort and ingenuity for the grower. The lively greens and the earthy browns of the stem provide an exquiste contrast.

Why Anne loved the chigiri-e course

"What I really loved about the Chigiri-e course was that I could learn at my own pace. As I went along each project, I learned new skills. Chigiri-e is relaxing, enjoyable, and creative. I encourage everyone to try it."

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