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Poetry in the form of folk art

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What is Etegami?

Poetry in the form of art.

Etegami is poetry in the form of art. It is a colorful folk art consisting of simple hand-painted drawing and a few words. Traditionally drawn on a postcard to be mailed, Etegami has evolved to be used to decorate home, as a new way to keep a diary, or shared through social media. The unique part of Etegami is that it is spontaneous, genuine, and honest and conveys the creator’s individuality to the full extent, no matter who draws it. This is what made Etegami so popular in Japan and enjoyed by more than two million people. There are limitless possibilities of fun in Etegami!


  • People who are looking for art courses for beginners
  • People who are already an experienced artist
  • People who want an all-inclusive course
  • For those who want to learn at their own pace in an online environment
  • Anyone who want more artwork around their home or gift it to a loved on
You Dont need talent

Drawing is not a talent. It is a skill anyone can learn. Etegami is enjoyed by so many people in Japan who are with or without artistic background, of all ages, and walks of life.

One-on-one online interactive course

Everyone has different talents, skills, and abilities. In our interactive program, whenever you have a question, you can consult our Etegami instructor online 24/7. There will be assignment for you as well, which our instructor will correspond personally as your private tutor, making sure that your skill will improve as efficiently as possible.

Why get the etegami course?

Reason 1

Everything is included

From all the necessary tools and materials, to step-by-step video guides. This course includes everything you need to learn the art of Etegami.

Reason 2

Learn with the Master

Have a question along the way? Get advice from the Etegami Instructor via online messaging. You will also receive detailed feedback on your assignments.

About the etegami supervisor

The Etegami Course was designed by Sachiko Hanashiro, a renowned Etegami artist and one of the most popular Etegami teachers in Japan. The number of students she taught online and offline is over 100,000. Her Etegami textbooks and numerous appearances on TV have helped to spread the culture of Etegami. In 2000, she was recognized with an award from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Reason 3

The finest materials

The Course comes with a complete set of professional quality tools and materials every one of which was hand-selected in Japan.

All you need to provide is water

*Not Photographed

Plastic Syringe- Used to drop water into the inkstone. The color of the sumi ink you create will depend on the amount of water used, so this syringe that lets you add water drop by drop in extremely important.

Guidebook- A guidebook that includes how to use the Online Learning Center, as well as detailed instructions on how to read the digital textbook, watch tutorial videos, and message the instructor.

1Brush Holder- A three-piece brush holder and rinsing container. You can pile them up to save up on storage space.

2Stamp Set- Stamp your initials! A stamp set that includes all the letters of the alphabet, along with an orange-red inkpad.

3Cardstock (40) & Envelopes (20)- Cardstock created using Washi so ink and paint dry nicely.

4Tracing & Practice Paper- Tracing paper with patterns used for practice. Washi practice paper to check the pigment of the ink and paint, as well as practicing your drawings on.

5Porcelain Palette- Used to mix paints, or to mix water with paints to make the color less pigmented.

6Ink block and inkstone- Use the inkstone to create the sumi ink. You can adjust the shades of the sumi ink depending on how much water you add. Add water to the inkstone and rub the block directly on the inkstone to create the ink.

7Brushes (4)- 4 different types of brushes to help you to paint lines of different thicknesses.

8- Gansai Paint- Paint that allows you to paint with colors close to those seen in nature. It has been used as the official paint for traditional Japanese water paintings. 18 distinct colors.

Why Alex Loved The Etegami course

"I think Etegami is cute and fun. I like how the characteristic look of Etegami is very heartfelt without being too serious. The constructive feedback from the instructor was great. It helped me grow so much."


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