Introducing Chigiri-e: Japanese-style Paper Collage

  • Chigiri-e is a unique Japanese paper craft now available in America!
  • Made using traditional Washi paper, Chigiri-e allows you to create
    stunning collages featuring unique layering effects and soft textures.
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Chigiri-e Showcase

The beauty of Chigiri-e creations are enhanced when framed. And they make uniquely unforgettable gifts!

Hokusai The Great Wave is originally an iconic Japanese woodblock print. Here it is accurately recreated with washi paper as Chigiri-e.

Modern classics such as Andy Warhol’sl Rolling Stones logo stun as Chigiri-e.

United colors! The United States map created using Chigiri-e.

An American icon expressed through Japanese craft: Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can as Chigiri-e.

Chigiri-e design kits Bonsai and Marguerite. Available from Japanese Creations.