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Timeless craft as your new hobby

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Ever dreamed of decorating your home with handmade ornaments made by you? Or creating your own practical projects you can use every day? This course can help you achieve your dreams, starting from the very beginning. As you make each motif you'll learn new techniques and see yourself improve.

A Noble pastime becomes the enjoyable hobby

Originally fancywork of upper-class women in the seventeenth century, the art of Chirmen has evolved into a popular sewing hobby. The distinctive scraps of textured crepe fabric are transformed into adorable, hand-sewn pouches and ornaments. Each step you follow brings a little happiness until completion that will be completely satisfying with a feeling of accomplishment.

What is chirimen?

Timeless Hand Sewing

"Chirimen" is originally a name of traditional Japanese silk with a slightly creped structure for Kimono. Traditional Chirimen is made of pure silk, but with the technology today, we are able to recreate the fabric using synthetic silk.


  • People who are looking for a lifelong hobby
  • People who want to pick up a practical and creative new hobby
  • Anyone with little sewing experiences
  • Anyone who is already an experienced sewer and wanting to develop new skills
  • For those who want to learn at their own pace in an online environment
  • People who want an all-inclusive course
  • Anyone who want to gift a one-of-a-kind handmade gift to a loved one
One-on-one online interctive course

Everyone has different talents. skills, and abilities. In our interactive programs, whenever you have a question, you can consult our Chirimen instructor online 24/7. Our instructor will correspond personally as your private tutor, making sure that your skill will improve as efficiently as possible.

Why get the chirimen course?

Reason 1

Everything is included

From all the necessary tools and materials, to step-by-step video guides. This course includes everything you need to learn the art of Chirimen.

Chirimen crepe fabric, lining fabric, sewing thread, fiberfill stuffing, fusible interfacing, braided cord, purse frame, paper twist, zipper, beads, plastic case, tweezers, cardboard, and pencils.

Clover tool set

Gold eye applique needles (No. 9), patchwork board/iron board, silk pins (100 each), mini patchwork scissors (4,5"), bodkin, and glue

Reason 2

Learn with confidence

Have a question along the way? Get advice from the experienced Chirimen Sensei via online messaging.

About the Chirimen supervisor

Our Chirimen Course has been designed by Nobuko Naito, a renowned Japanese Chirimen master crafter. In her 50 year career as Chirimen creator, Naito has worked to recover traditional techniques while also creating modern designs. Along with holding many exhibitions in Japan, the exhibitions she had held in the United Kingdom have also proven to be successful. She has also had numerous TV appearances and writing credits to her name, and also held the "Nobuko Naito Chirimen Classroom" across Japan.

Reason 3

5 motifs you will fall in love with

Imagine creating these adorable motifs with your own hands! Plus, as you make each one, you'll learn new techniques and see yourself improve.

The 5 Motifs

Gamaguchi Coin Purse

One of our most popular motifs, now in pink! A cute pouch to put earphones or a lipstick in.

Plum Blossom Pincushion

Hand sew the sewer's must-have item to support you in all your sewing adventures.

Dove Jewelry Pouch

A lucky dove jewelry pouch to put your valuables in. It'll make you happy just having it in your room.

Kuma: Stuffed Bear

You will have a lot of fun making this adorable one-of-a-kind bear! You can make different facial expressions depending on how you sew the face.

Daisy Patterned Make up Bag

It's also perfect for carrying cosmetics or pens in. You'll want to carry it around with you everywhere to show it off!


Science behind why hand-sewing is called therapeutic.

  • It is medically proven that using your right-brain to hand sew will calm the negative emotions.
  • It improves motor skills. Tasks like hand sewing coordinate the activities between your eyes and hands.
  • It increases empathy. Studies discovered that engaging in craft will make you more tolerant of other people.
  • It boosts confidence. Completing a project provides a burst of self-esteem in your brain.

Why Christeen loved the Chirimen Course

"Chirimen takes time and it's challenging but was so rewarding at the end. Some of the motifs are pretty advanced but the online learning center gives you tips that help you finish all the motifs really well."

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