An Intermediate Arts and Crafts Project

Card Size: 4.0 x 5.9 inches
Level: Intermediate

Three huge, deep red roses have bloomed. Every petal makes this piece look very complicated, but these petals aren't actually very difficult to shape. Absolutely anyone can easily recreate this glorious piece. Please gift it to someone special!

Kit includes :

  • Washi & Chalk Paper
  • Card & Envelope & Pattern
  • Finished Example
  • Online Instructions

    * shipping charge is included.

    Collections: Chigiri-e

    Level: Intermediate



    This set of starter tools that you can use to begin making your own Japanese creations includes: Glue / Brush / Water Brush Pen / Teaspoon / Saucer / Stylus / Paperclips / Tweezers


    *Included in the Chigiri-e Course package


    Collections: Chigiri-e, Tools

    Level: Beginners

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