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An Asian Arts and Crafts Project

Board Size: 9.5 x 10.6 inches
Level: Intermediate 

Pretty yellow flowers that grow on the side of ravines. The slender flower-decked stems swat in the soft breeze, gladdening the eyes of passers-by.

The artboard for this piece is cut in a fan shape. The balance with the gold side lends a certain splendor to the work.

Kit includes :

  • Washi & Chaco Tracing Paper
  • Art Board & Pattern
  • Finished Example
  • Online Instructions

Don't forget to include our Starter Tool Kit, a kit that includes all the tools you need to start Chigiri-e, into your cart: Chigiri-e Starter Tool Kit

* shipping charge is included.

Collections: Chigiri-e

Level: Project



This set of starter tools that you can use to begin making your own Japanese creations includes: Glue / Brush / Water Brush Pen / Teaspoon / Saucer / Stylus / Paperclips / Tweezers


*Included in the Chigiri-e Course package


Collections: Chigiri-e, Tools

Level: Beginners

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