Paper Collage Art with Washi Paper


"Chigiri" means to tear or shred, and "e" means picture in Japanese. Chigiri-e is a Japanese-style paper collage created using hand-dyed Washi paper to create realistic or abstract images, frameable art, cards, and an endless number of modern-day crafts. The fibers of the Washi allow for ideal layering and soft textures that look similar to a watercolor or oil painting.


Hand-made traditional Japanese paper. 

Washi is a traditionally-made paper that dates back to the eighth century, and is often still made by hand today. Making Washi is a long process: kozo (mulberry), bamboo, hemp, rice, or wheat plant bark is soaked in clear river water, boiled to thicken, then beaten and filtered through a gridiron and dried in sheets in sunlight for a natural, soft finish. The beauty of Washi papers are treasured throughout Japan, and they are still used today for everything from interior design to traditional arts, letter writing, and books. Washi has been recognized by UNESCO as being a part of Japan's Intangible Cultural Heritage. Check out our free eGuide to learn this Japanese handicraft.

Want to know more about Chigiri-e?

You'll find all the information - from full details about each of the six motifs to how washi is made - in this guide!

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The Complete Chigiri-e Course Package


6 Motifs. Tools provided.


Chigiri-e Project Kits

Our Chigiri-e Project Kits are individual motifs with various styles. They are perfect for both beginners and advanced Chigiri-e users. Each Project Kit includes Washi paper necessary for creating the motif, printed instructions, and lifetime access to our online learning center where you can learn techniques. Each motif is either a greeting card or art board size.

*tools are NOT included with our Project Kits, sold separately